Monday, 7 November 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - Four Reasons to Consider Welding as a Career

Aaron Ardaiz, a highly esteemed welder based in Peoria, Arizona, knows that the field offers many opportunities that will ensure professional success and longevity for those who are interested in the field. He is aware of the numerous reasons to consider entering into the field, and beginning welders should feel encouraged by the following:
Aaron Ardaiz
  • Becoming a welder ensures job flexibility. The general nature of the profession is excellent for those who to wish to travel because there are opportunities all over the United States that require the same certifications across the board. Those who wish are afforded the opportunity to travel to where the money is will enjoy this opportunity. For those who wish to plant roots, it’s still entirely possible to have a flexible work schedule, being able to go home each day when you like, although it’s important that you check to see what the current and projected availability of projects in your area will be.
  • There is a high demand for skilled welders across the United States, especially as conversations of long-distance pipelines come into play. With an abundance of work, welders never need be concerned about job shortages.
  • Welders make a decent wage. Because the skills are specialized and the work is in high demand, welders are paid very well, especially depending on the number of completed certifications.
  • Aaron Ardaiz knows that the profession is simply exciting. Working with delicate materials requires a great deal of thought and concentration, though there is also a thrill to completing a project that those who are motivated by the sense of danger will enjoy.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - Three Safety Guidelines for Beginning Welders

Aaron Ardaiz knows that taking the proper safety measures is the necessary to produce the highest quality projects as a welder. Though even the most seasoned of welders should take all the necessary precautions, he knows that it’s particularly important that those new to the field feel empowered to make the best safety decisions possible, such as the following:Aaron Ardaiz
  • Wear the proper eye and face protection for the type of welding you are doing. A hand shield, helmet, goggles, and safety glasses are all good types of protection in any case with various applications. All equipment should be safety-approved and arranged to protect body parts from the direct radiant heat. Helmets with filter plates help shield welders from the sparks and arc rays that will strike against the helmet, though they will not protect against grinding fragments, and slag chips.
  • It’s important to wear the proper protective clothing, providing sufficient coverage and of the correct materials to minimize burns. It’s recommended that the entire body be covered during all welding activities. Gloves should be flame-resistant, and gauntlet cuffs may offer extra arm protection. Dark clothing is best to reduce reflection, and heavier materials, such as wool or leather, are preferable as they will resist melting.
  • The work area must be properly ventilated to ensure that the worker has enough clean breathing air. Welding produces numerous noxious fumes and airborne contaminants that are unsafe for workers, and it’s important that the proper ventilation is present whether it’s natural or mechanical.
Aaron Ardaiz is a welder based in Peoria, Arizona.

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Monday, 10 October 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - Welding for Beginners

Aaron Ardaiz, a highly esteemed welder based in Peoria, Arizona, knows that his job is incredibly important to do properly and efficiently. With a variety of applications and uses, welding offers numerous job opportunities with meaningful and tangible outcomes that can be held in your own hands. He is aware that in the beginning developing the skills and techniques may make many beginners nervous, but he knows that the following will help keep new welders safe and secure.

  • Always take the proper safety precautions. Wear the necessary gear and make sure that all of your machinery is working correctly. A variety of accidents can be avoided simply by making sure that everything is functioning as it should be and fixing anything that isn’t before taking on a new task.
  • Make sure that you are using the correct materials for the job. Do your research beforehand to make sure that you are using the right process to complete the job quickly and efficiently. If you’re unsure of the correct process, seek out a professional who can help you identify what you’ll need to do.
  • Keep your work area clean to minimize accidents and help the project go more smoothly. Clean up any oil spills or debris before embarking on a new project, and continue to keep the area clean as you work.
Aaron Ardaiz is motivated to produce the highest quality work possible and enjoys empowering new welders to do the same. He is a graduate of Linn Benton Community College and lives in Peoria, Arizona.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - Breaking Into Welding

Aaron Ardaiz, a highly esteemed welder based in Peoria, Arizona, knows that welding is a highly desirable field with many opportunities for new craftsmen to succeed. Like any job, there are numerous tips and tricks that can help get you on the right track quickly to ensure success, such as the following:
  • Before getting started, be sure that you have the physical capacity to successfully carry out the job. Welders must be able to stay focused on tasks for long periods of time and must possess good hand-eye coordination. Because you’ll be dealing with dangerous equipment, it’s important that you familiarize yourself by doing some research beforehand to make sure that you will be able to manage tasks that produce hot metals and noxious fumes. Be aware of the dangers and dedicate yourself to understanding how to minimize them.
  • Look into training programs that will prepare you for success. Whether or not you have experience, a formal program is a good way to get a foot in the door and build professional connections. Welding programs are very popular in community colleges and adult vocational programs, and many of these entities will have placement services that will help you acquire a job afterward.
  • Think about the type of welding you’d like to do and specifically seek out opportunities to gain experience in that particular area. There are many different types of welding, and it’s important that you choose the right avenue for you that will eventually promise opportunity and availability. As always, the more qualified you are, the more possibilities you will have, so consider becoming certified in a variety of areas such as metal inert gas welding, tungsten gas welding, and more.
  • Be on the lookout for apprenticeship programs. Working alongside the professionals is the best way to learn, helping you gain experience by watching, learning, and practicing. You will more than likely begin with entry-level tasks and work your way up to more advanced tasks as your experience deepens. Aaron Ardaiz knows that some of these programs will help place talented welders after the apprenticeship is over, a huge benefit to those looking to break into the field.
  • Get the proper certification with the American Welding Society (AWS). The AWS certification is a rigorous test that involves a written exam and welding test that you must continue to update in order to keep your certification valid. Becoming a certified welder opens up numerous job opportunities while there are also numerous certifications that will enhance your experience that may be necessary for more in-depth types of welding.
Aaron Ardaiz knows that there are talented welders all over the world who, with the proper certifications, will produce only the highest quality work.

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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - Why You Should Become a Youth Coach

Aaron Ardaiz is an active adult in Arizona. He is a professional welder with All Things Metal and he is an avid sports fan. He played football and baseball throughout high school and he remains active. He loves hiking and participating in other outdoor activities. He is also a little league coach in his community. In the past, he has coached first and second graders’ baseball teams. He enjoys helping others and sharing his knowledge of sports. There are several reasons for you to become a youth coach.
Aaron Ardaiz

 As a youth coach, you can help children stay active and healthy. Small children often have a lot of energy and are often active. However, it is important to teach children the value of exercise at a young age. As a youth coach, you can help children learn how to play a sport while learning about fitness and exercise.

Youth coaches can encourage children to succeed. These adults are able to work directly with children and encourage them. These coaches can teach children how to play a sport and how to be good sportsmen. If you have knowledge of sports, you should coach a youth team in order to impact children’s lives.

Volunteering as a coach can be a highly fulfilling experience. There are many adults who enjoys helping children and teaching them how to play a sport. Aaron Ardaiz is one of these adults. He has worked hard to build his career as a welder and to help his community through coaching youth sports.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - How to Become a Great Snowboarder

Snowboarding is a popular sport among many people. Aaron Ardaiz is a successful welder who loves spending time outdoors. He always looks forward to adventurous activities. In the winter, he enjoys snowboarding and spending time in the mountains. He loves going on snowboarding and skiing trips with his friends and family. If you are interested in becoming a great snowboarder, there are a few steps that you can take.

The first step to learning how to snowboard is to work with an instructor. If you are completely new to this sport, an instructor can help you learn the basics such as balance, acceleration, and deceleration. It is also important to understand different safety precautions. You should spend some time with your instructor in order to become a novice snowboarder.

The next step in to get comfortable with your equipment. You should spend time practicing so that you become adept at steering and stopping. Before you take on any major challenges, you should make sure that you can safely maneuver on your board and stop when you need to.

After you are comfortable on your board, you can start challenging yourself on the slopes. You should try out increasingly difficult slopes. However, it is always important to go with a partner in case of an emergency. Snowboarding is a great sport that can be a lot of fun. Aaron Ardaiz loves staying active and he always looks forward to going on a new adventure. Every winter, he snowboards as much as possible.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - What You Should Know About Welding Certifications

It is essential to earn a certification in order to build a successful career as a welder. Aaron Ardaiz is a certified pipe welder in Arizona. He has spent years honing his skills and developing his knowledge of this industry. He is well versed in a variety of welding techniques and he has worked for several companies. He enjoys working with clients and building his career as a certified welder.

There are several professional certifications available to welders. One type of certification is a 3G FCAW welding certification. This certification addresses flux cored arc welding. This is a specific method that many welders use. There are several other certifications that welders can use to advance their careers.

There are also several reasons to earn a certification. A welding certification demonstrates to potential employers and clients that you are a capable welder. Earning a certification can help you earn a position in an established welding company. A certification can also help you build your own welding company.
Aaron Ardaiz

Earning a certification in welding often requires time, study, and experience. However, a certification can help you advance your career. Certification programs can also help you develop a new skill set in this industry.

Welders are craftsman who have a strong technical knowledge. If you are a welder, you should consider participating in a certification program in order to enhance your skills. Aaron Ardaiz has several certifications and he has worked hard to build his career as a welder. He lives in Arizona and he works for All Things Metal in Phoenix.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - What it Takes to Become a Welder

Welding is a craft that is utilized by several industries. Aaron Ardaiz is an experienced welder in Arizona. He took multiple courses in welding and metal fabrication and he has spent years developing his skills. He has worked in multiple states and he has worked for multiple companies. In November of 2015, he began working for All Things Metal in Phoenix, Arizona. He is dedicated to providing the best welding services to his customers. He has a strong knowledge of this industry and he always challenges himself to improve his craft and his skills. There are several facts that you should know about what it takes to become a welder.

Welding is a craft that involves joining materials such as metals and thermoplastics. Professionals in this industry may fabricate structures using these techniques, or they may carefully repair structures. Knowledge is an important trait to possess if you want to become a welder. You will need to take courses in metal fabrication and you will need to learn how to read blueprints for metals and numerical controls for a lathe and a mill. It is important for you to study basic welding techniques and to develop an understanding of every safety precaution. You can develop these skills by attending a technical school, or through an apprenticeship program with a local welder.

Aaron ArdaizIf you want to become a successful welder, you will also need to be able to work with customers. Your career will be dependent on building a customer list. Some welders work independently, or may run their own company. Other welders may work for large companies. All of these companies and professionals work hard to build a long list of clients and to gain client referrals. Some clients may only need the services of a welder for a short time. Other clients may need continual services from welders. Therefore, it is essential for these professionals to have excellent communication skills and customer services skills.

Becoming a welder requires a lot of hard work and dedication. You will need a strong knowledge of this craft and you will need to be aware of safety. Welding is a craft that is developed through practice and experience. If you want to become an expert welder, you will need to spend time developing your skills and knowledge. You will need to spend several years gaining experience. Aaron Ardaiz spent several years developing his skills as a welder. He enjoys this craft and he has worked hard to build his career as a welder. He is a dedicated professional who always looks forward to working with new clients. Aaron Ardaiz has honed his skills by working with a variety of companies and in several states.  

Monday, 16 May 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - A Short History of Welding

Welding has always been an area of interest for Aaron Ardaiz, which may explain why he decided to make it his profession. Welding is an interesting trade with a long and rich history that spread to every corner of the globe.

Welding as a trade can be traced all the way back to ancient times. The earliest forms of welding come from the Bronze Age. Archeologists have found small, gold boxes that were made by pressure welding lap joints together. During the Iron Age, Egyptians and many other societies knew how to weld together iron. Improved blacksmithing of the Middle Ages also developed ways to weld by hammering. However, modern welding is something that did not develop until the 19th century.

Modern welding has been the result of many different contributors. An Englishman by the name of Edmund Davy is the man who discovered acetylene. Creating an arc between carbon electrodes using a battery was discovered by Humphry Davy. The two were put together in the late 1800s to develop gas welding and cutting.

Welding would continue to grow in popularity as new and improved methods and technologies emerged. The boom of the industrial revolution made welding a priority skill. It wasn’t long before welders were gathering to form organized unions and contributing much to the development of a civilized world.

Aaron Ardaiz and welders like him have helped to build many structures and vehicles. Welders often operate behind the scenes, but are an important part of the construction and industrial process.


Friday, 6 May 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - How to Get a Welding Certification

Aaron Ardaiz is a professional pipe welder who has been working in the field for many years. He is dedicated to his career, and has even earned a multitude of certifications in various welding techniques. Obtaining a certification in a welding technique is not difficult, and can boost the income and reputation of a welder.

Aaron ArdaizThe American Welding Society (AWS) offers a performance-based program that has no prerequisite courses. The final certification provides transferrable college credits that are good at any school you attend. Welders that wish to become certified are subject to tests that include the welding of structural steel, sheet metal, chemical refinery welding, and petroleum pipelines.

Welders that are seeking to obtain a Certified Welder certificate through the AWS, must first make an appointment with an AWS-Accredited testing facility. These facilities follow strict standards and guidelines for testing, and are the only ones qualified to administer AWS grade tests.

The testing is rigorous, but once a welder passes, they qualify for certification. However, it is necessary for a welder to complete a performance qualification test, pass the test, submit a completed Certified Welder Application to be certified. In addition, the welder must submit a maintenance of welder certification prior to expiration to extend the certificate. Recertification can in some cases require additional testing.

Aaron Ardaiz is a pipe welder that is certified in many different welding techniques. He has cultivated a strong career and reputation in the welding world that many other welders aspire to one day achieve.


Friday, 29 April 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - An Introduction to Pipe Welding

Aaron Ardaiz is an experienced welder who has been working in the field for many years. Over the course of his career he has learned a variety of different welding techniques, and received multiple certifications. 
                                                       Aaron Ardaiz

Currently, he works as a pipe welder. A pipe welder’s job is quite similar to how it sounds. The most cost-effective method to merge two pipes is to weld the two together, which creates the need for experienced and skilled pipe welding professionals.

Being a pipe welder requires specialized training. That is because many of these pipes are used to transport hazardous material, whether it be oil, sewage, or tainted water. There are also many environmental risk factors that are associated with repairing piping. Errors like weak welds can cause some serious problems for pipes, even if the materials being transported are not hazardous. A leaking or busted pipe can represent hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of product lost, and doesn’t include the damages to the environment. That is why certification is typically required for pipe welders, and involves passing a number of tests, as well as understanding and being able to execute multiple welding techniques. 

The most common technique used for connecting pipes is arc welding. There are, however, many different kinds of arc welding processes. A well-known process for a pipe welder is the gas-shielded metal arc weld. This involves blanketing the welding area in an inert gas to protect the molten metal from impurities such as oxygen. 

Welding is not as simple and straightforward as it appears. Particularly, pipe welding can be quite difficult. That is because pipe typically requires highly mobile equipment, so the precision of the weld depends entirely upon the experience and skill of the welder. Welding in the field presents other problems too. A welder has to maintain a straight and even bead in order to meld the metals properly. However, the heat required to make molten metal creates a light too bright for a welder to look at. So a welder must wear a protective mask that dials down the light’s intensity. So essentially, the welder has to draw a straight, consistent line with a pencil that reaches 6500 degrees Fahrenheit while he is blindfolded. Quickly it becomes obvious why companies value an experienced welder. An experienced pipe welder can do the job more efficiently, with less mistakes, and avoid injury. While welding is an easy trade to get into, it is a difficult one to master. 

Aaron Ardaiz has dedicated himself to his trade. He takes pride in his pipe welding abilities, and holds many certifications in various forms of the discipline. He has the kind of experience to train other aspiring welders into seasoned, reliable professionals. 

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Aaron Ardaiz Explores Welding Techniques

Aaron Ardaiz is an experienced welder who has been working in the trade for many years. He has learned the ins and outs of the skill, refining his abilities to get more familiar with the various techniques. While many have a basic idea of what welding is, few realize that there are many different welding techniques, each of which have different pros and cons. Below we will discuss these techniques, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each.
Aaron Ardaiz
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW): This welding technique is often referred to simply as ‘Stick’. Stick welding uses a welding rod in order to carry an electric current and feed the metal into the weld. Stick welding uses this electric current, creating an arc from the rod to the metal, generating temperatures as high as 6500 degrees Fahrenheit. While the metal heats, the flux from the rod merges with the metal, creating a weld. The advantages of the stick weld are that the equipment is low cost, easy to transport, requires no shielding gas, and can work even on rusty or dirty metal. The downside of this method is that it produces high energy wastes, is hard to use on delicate materials, and requires a high skill level from the operator. 
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW): This weld is commonly referred to as the TIG, or the Heliarc. This welding technique uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to create a molten weld puddle. An external filler rod can be added to that molten metal puddle in order to create a weld bead. This process requires what is called a shielding gas. A shielding gas is an inert gas that is used to protect a weld area from oxygen and water vapor. The most common shielding gas used is argon. The advantages of this technique include clean, quality welds. It is easy to use on thin materials, many different alloys can be welded, and the welds typically look better. The cons of this technique are that the equipment cost is high, an external shielding gas is required, it does not work on rusty or dirty metal, and it requires a high skill level from the operator.
  • Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW): This welding process is similar to Gas Metal Arc Welding. However, it uses a tubular wire that is filled with flux, as opposed to a solid wire. This kind of welding is used for thick materials, and heavy equipment construction repairs. The advantages are that it has no need for external shielding gas, has high efficiency, and minimal clean up. The disadvantages include high equipment costs, and the process generally creates a lot of smoke.
Aaron Ardaiz has familiarized himself with the many different kinds of welding techniques available. He has a diversified skillset that makes him valuable in the welding world.


Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - Why Computer Literacy is Important

While Aaron Ardaiz has focused the majority of his efforts on improving his skills as a welder during the course of his career, he is also aware of the importance that advancements in technology play in the workplace, especially in recent years. As such, he has worked had to improve his computer skills, particularly in the use of the Microsoft Office suite, and points to the following reasons as to why computer literacy is important.

Career Advancement

As mentioned previously, many job roles now require a person to have some basic knowledge of how to operate a computer. Much of the paperwork that you may be required to do as part of your role will require the use of a computer, so it is important to train you skills so that you can be as productive as possible in this respect.

Many clients now prefer to use email, Skype and offer forms of communication that make heavy use of computers. As such, if you are unable to use these technologies you will severely limit the ways that you can communicate with a client and may even lead them to doubt your skills in other areas.

Keeping Up With The Times

Computers are now a vital part of the lives of the current generation of workers and potential clients, with Aaron Ardaiz noting that practically everybody has a computer in the palms of their hands thanks to the smartphone boom. If you fail to adapt to this change in society you again place a limit on the ways that you can market a product or interact with clients.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - Tips For Building An Effective Welding Workforce

While every welder must bring their own individual skillset to their roles, Aaron Ardaiz notes that companies that make use of these professionals must consider how to create a team of welders who are able to tackle any project they are presented with effectively as a cohesive unit. With that in mind, here are some factors that employers should keep in mind when creating a welding workforce.

Aaron Ardaiz Skillsets

As mentioned, each individual in the workforce will have their own set of skills, some of which are highly specialized towards specific tasks. Your aim should be to achieve balance so that the team has every skill required to take on the most varied range of projects possible. Hiring too many people who specialize in one particular aspect of welding will severely limit the projects you can take on.

Team Players

A good welder must also be capable of working alongside others as a cohesive unit. As such, you need to examine each potential employee to find out how well they work as part of a team and what they can bring to the unit. Look for people who demonstrate strong social skills and a desire to help others to the benefit of the project.


You should aim to make your workforce as skilled as possible, so providing regular training is a must. Aaron Ardaiz notes that this will allow your workforce to stay at the peak of their powers, while also ensuring you make maximum use of any developments in the field to the benefit of your clients.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - How To Work Effectively As Part of A Team

During his career as a welder, Aaron Ardaiz has often found himself working as part of a team, especially on larger projects that require a number of different skills to complete. In order to work well with your team members, you need to keep all of the following in mind.
Aaron Ardaiz

Communicate Regularly

Poor communication can lead to the failure of any project, so it is crucial that you take the time to talk to other members of the team about what they are doing and how you can help them. This will also allow team members to share any issues that they have with the project or offer any ideas that may help the project be completed more efficiently.

Be Positive

Few people will want to work on a team with somebody who doesn’t approach their work with enthusiasm, as constant negativity can directly affect morale, which in turn causes issues with productivity. Approach every issue the team faces with positivity and look for ways to solve problems, rather than making them worse through complaining.

Be Reliable

Aaron Ardaiz notes that your fellow team members will be relying on you to do your part in order to achieve success in the project. As such, you must never overstate your skills or claim to be able to complete work in an implausible timeframe. Be honest at all times and endeavor to provide exactly what you promise to ensure your team members respect your contributions. This will lead to them trusting you more, thus ensuring the project is a success.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - Traits A Welder Must Possess

Aaron Ardaiz has enjoyed success throughout his career as a professional welder, including a six-year stint with the National Welding Corporation that saw him ply his trade all over the United States. There are a number of key traits that a welder must possess in order to be a success and enjoy continued career advancement.

Aaron Ardaiz Concentration

A welder will often be working on projects that require a great deal of concentration in order to make sure that blueprints are followed correctly and the project continues as planned. If a welder is prone to letting their mind wander when they are on a job, it is likely that they will start making mistakes that reflect poorly on their work and cause delays in the overall project.


Hand-eye coordination is vital if you are to be successful as a welder as you will be working with metal and shaping it accordingly. This will require the execution of a great deal of physical maneuvers that need to be accurate and well-timed in order to achieve the desire result. If you have poor dexterity, it is again likely that you will start making mistakes.

Communication Skills

Aaron Ardaiz notes that welders will usually be working as part of a larger team, with the aim of completing big projects. The work they do is just one aspect of the overall job, so they must be able to communicate effectively with other team members to ensure they are on the right track and that the project is progressing as expected.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - On Earning Your Pipe Welding Certifications

Aaron Ardaiz recommends to new pipe welders and other professionals working in the welding or metal working industry to earn as many certifications as possible. While job placement is always a top priority at almost any vocational school or community college that offers classes on welding, you can get a leg up on the competition for jobs when you’re out of school by earning certifications in welding. This is especially true for pipe welding, says Ardaiz, who has worked as a certified pipe welder for many years.

Aaron Ardaiz got a job with National Welding Corporation after he earned his three pipe welding certifications: 3G, 4G, and 6G. The number-letter codes correspond to different kinds of welds of pipes in different positions. 3G is a groove welding certification concerning pipes in a vertical position, 4G an overhead position, and 6G a 45-degree angle position. Aaron Ardaiz is also certified for fillet welding through groove welding certifications. Since most pipe welding jobs are groove welds, this certification covers fillet welds as well. Ardaiz was able to land an excellent job with National Welding Corporation, where he worked for six years. He traveled throughout the United States working on many different job sites where his proven, certified skills were greatly needed. When he wanted to settle down in the Phoenix area, he was able to get a job at a local metal work company All Things Metal with his certifications and experience.

Aaron Ardaiz loves his job at All Things Metal. He likely wouldn’t have been able to land a position there if he didn’t earn his pipe welding certifications.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - Professional Welder

Aaron Ardaiz became a professional welder with many hours of training and in-class education at Linn Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon. Ardaiz had many options in front of him as he left high school a baseball team star and endless potential. He decided that working with metal was what he loved, and he attended Lin Benton. Ardaiz could have trained with a welding company to learn the necessary skills and concepts that all professional welders must learn to be successful, but decided to go back to school because he wanted a more formal and official learning experience.
Aaron Ardaiz
Aaron Ardaiz
One of the many advantages that attending an official welding program at a vocational school or community college is that these programs always offer students a complete immersion in the study of how to weld professionally. Aaron Ardaiz found that the combination of hands-on experience and classroom study by capable and experienced professors and professionals more than adequately prepared him for a long career as a professional welder. Aaron Ardaiz also used the campus resources smartly to find prospective employers looking for new welders to add to their team specifically from Linn Benton Community College. This connection with national and local employers is the hallmark of a good welding and metalworking program and Linn Benton’s connections with employers helped Ardaiz get his first job in the field.

Aaron Ardaiz possesses excellent communication skills and can work easily in teams, factors that allowed him to move up and gain more experience with different welding companies over his successful career.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - Welder at All Things Metal

Aaron Ardaiz is a professional welder and metal worker for All Things Metal, a local metal product supply store that provides a multitude of metal products to businesses and individuals in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Ardaiz earned an Associate’s degree in Machine Tool Technology at Linn Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon, near Corvallis where he grew up. Ardaiz spent six years thereafter working for National Welding Corporation, which sent him to many different job sites throughout the United States needing the work of an expert welder. Over the years, Ardaiz developed enough skills to catch the eye of Greg MacLiver, the owner of All Things Metal in Phoenix.

Aaron Ardaiz
Aaron Ardaiz
MacLiver brought Aaron Ardaiz in to solidify his staff’s knowledge and skill in producing quality metal products for all clients. Aaron Ardaiz proved to be an excellent addition to the team. His work in helping to produce ornate metal railings and other private residence products has helped the company grow in the area and offer more of its products to a wider range of customers in the area. Ardaiz has also worked extensively on producing metal supports for a wide range of products used by companies to make their spaces safer and more reliable for their own customers.

Aaron Ardaiz has contributed much to the community of All Things Metal and the customers it serves in the community. He is happy to help the team produce quality metal products for excellent prices for many clients in the community. He lives in nearby Peoria, Arizona.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - Professional Welder

Aaron Ardaiz became a professional welder with many hours of training and in-class education at Linn Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon. Ardaiz had many options in front of him as he left high school a baseball team star and endless potential. He decided that working with metal was what he loved, and he attended Lin Benton. Ardaiz could have trained with a welding company to learn the necessary skills and concepts that all professional welders must learn to be successful, but decided to go back to school because he wanted a more formal and official learning experience.
Aaron Ardaiz
Aaron Ardaiz
One of the many advantages that attending an official welding program at a vocational school or community college is that these programs always offer students a complete immersion in the study of how to weld professionally. Aaron Ardaiz found that the combination of hands-on experience and classroom study by capable and experienced professors and professionals more than adequately prepared him for a long career as a professional welder. Aaron Ardaiz also used the campus resources smartly to find prospective employers looking for new welders to add to their team specifically from Linn Benton Community College. This connection with national and local employers is the hallmark of a good welding and metalworking program and Linn Benton’s connections with employers helped Ardaiz get his first job in the field.

Aaron Ardaiz possesses excellent communication skills and can work easily in teams, factors that allowed him to move up and gain more experience with different welding companies over his successful career.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - The Advantage of an Education in Welding

Aaron Ardaiz
Aaron Ardaiz went to Lin Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon to earn a degree in Machine Tool Technology, a degree he would use for the rest of his career as a professional welder. Ardaiz used the training and the hands-on approach at community college to develop his skills so that he could earn his certification in pipe welding and command an advantageous salary at whatever position he ended up in later in his career. Ardaiz worked for the National Welding Corporation for six years, working on many different pipe welding projects throughout the United States. His career in professional welding is a promising one.

Aaron Ardaiz wanted to get a formal education in welding at a community college because he wanted to take advantage of the many benefits of being in an educational community. While there are many ways you can become a welder in the United States, from completing an apprenticeship to receiving intense on-the-job training, Aaron Ardaiz wanted to be able to get in touch with prospective employers so that after he completed his intensive training as a student in Machine Tool Technology, he could jump into employment straight out of school. The connection to real employers who put many new welding students to work immediately is one of the most popular and useful draws to attending community college to learn how to weld.

Aaron Ardaiz now works for All Things Metal in Peoria, Arizona. His start with the prestigious National Welding Corporation wasn’t possible without the connections he made at Linn Benton Community College.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - The Benefits of Popularity

Aaron Ardaiz is socially active in and around Peoria, Arizona. He loves to meet new people and put himself out there so he can seek new adventures with others. Through doing this over and over again, he has formed a network of friends that he can have fun with whenever he wants. This is one of the benefits of popularity, however there are many more; and some of them are shared below.

Aaron Ardaiz
Aaron Ardaiz

More Opportunities
Having more friends means you have more opportunities for fun, adventure, and more. Friends can also open you up to new work opportunities and ways to enhance your biggest passions in life. By making more friends, the opportunities only grow more ample.

More Love
The more friends a person has, the more they are loved. This means when a birthday or other important comes around, there will be more people offering their love and support. This can speak volume’s to one’s sense of importance and confidence, which could then inspire that person to keep growing and doing great things with his or her life.
Aaron Ardaiz sees and feels the benefits of popularity, which is why he is always open to making new friends and taking them on new adventures.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - The Fun of Charter Fishing

Aaron Ardaiz is an avid fisherman who has fished in all kinds of different areas. In each spot, he would take the same type of vessel the locals would, which meant in some cases that charter boats would be the best option. But that wasn’t the only reason why they were the best option; charter boats are almost a guaranteed good time, even if you don’t catch any fish, for the following reasons:

Aaron Ardaiz
Aaron Ardaiz
Meeting the Captain

Half the fun of your trip is up to your host. Luckily, when it comes to charter fishing, it would be hard to find a captain that doesn’t deliver local knowledge with a great personality. Charter captains are more than just people who tell you how to fish, they also share their wisdom and stories that reflect the community they work in.

Professional Guidance

For those who are not very knowledgeable on how to fish, charter fishing is a great way to engage in a group lesson that makes for an environment where you can easily learn. On charter boats, there are usually more than one beginner, which can help create camaraderie among your fellow students.

Aaron Ardaiz loves going charter fishing and having some fun out in the deep sea.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - Getting Ready for the NFL Playoffs

As someone who loves to watch the National Football League, Aaron Ardaiz cannot wait for the 2016 playoffs to get under way. With so many interesting happenings taking place this season, it truly could be anyone’s Super Bowl year. Below are the latest updates on the teams who are currently leading the pack.

Aaron Ardaiz Carolina Panthers

Still with an undefeated record in Week 15, the Carolina Panthers continue to be a huge threat to any opponent. Cam Newton and crew have had a fantastic season so far, and have shown no signs of slowing down.

New England Patriots

In the past few decades, the New England Patriots have become a regular Super Bowl contender. And while they had another strong start to this season, injuries have plagued both their running backs and wide receivers, which has left many to question how long Tom Brady and crew will stick it out.

Arizona Cardinals

With a 12-2 record, Aaron Ardaiz’s home team has already solidified themselves as the division leader. But how will Carson Palmer and company fare in the playoffs? With the hot streak they are on, many in Arizona are optimistic that their team will go all the way this year.
Check out this link in Popular Mechanics.  Interesting welding tips for a starter.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Friday, 1 January 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - How to Set Your Snowboard Bindings

Aaron Ardaiz has been into snowboarding ever since a young age. He has bought new boards over the years, and has learned how to properly set his own bindings. Bindings are the fixtures that keep your boots strapped to your board, so known how to properly install them is crucial to your stance and how much enjoyment you get while out on the mountain. Below are some steps on what to do when setting your snowboard bindings.
Aaron Ardaiz
Aaron Ardaiz
Figure Out Your Stance

We’ve all heard the question before: “Are you goofy or regular?” This means when you ride down the mountain, do you lead with your left foot, or your right foot? Your left foot would indicate a regular stance, while your right foot would be a goofy stance. Despite the name, a goofy stance is not uncommon.

Take Note of Your Spread

When you spread your feet and get into a snowboarding stance, how far are your feet separated? At what angles do your toes point? These are important issues because they relate to how you will be setting your bindings. Remember, you want to have the most comfortable setting possible so you enjoy yourself more.

Aaron Ardaiz always sets his own bindings when getting a new snowboard.