Monday, 16 May 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - A Short History of Welding

Welding has always been an area of interest for Aaron Ardaiz, which may explain why he decided to make it his profession. Welding is an interesting trade with a long and rich history that spread to every corner of the globe.

Welding as a trade can be traced all the way back to ancient times. The earliest forms of welding come from the Bronze Age. Archeologists have found small, gold boxes that were made by pressure welding lap joints together. During the Iron Age, Egyptians and many other societies knew how to weld together iron. Improved blacksmithing of the Middle Ages also developed ways to weld by hammering. However, modern welding is something that did not develop until the 19th century.

Modern welding has been the result of many different contributors. An Englishman by the name of Edmund Davy is the man who discovered acetylene. Creating an arc between carbon electrodes using a battery was discovered by Humphry Davy. The two were put together in the late 1800s to develop gas welding and cutting.

Welding would continue to grow in popularity as new and improved methods and technologies emerged. The boom of the industrial revolution made welding a priority skill. It wasn’t long before welders were gathering to form organized unions and contributing much to the development of a civilized world.

Aaron Ardaiz and welders like him have helped to build many structures and vehicles. Welders often operate behind the scenes, but are an important part of the construction and industrial process.