Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - The Fun of Charter Fishing

Aaron Ardaiz is an avid fisherman who has fished in all kinds of different areas. In each spot, he would take the same type of vessel the locals would, which meant in some cases that charter boats would be the best option. But that wasn’t the only reason why they were the best option; charter boats are almost a guaranteed good time, even if you don’t catch any fish, for the following reasons:

Aaron Ardaiz
Aaron Ardaiz
Meeting the Captain

Half the fun of your trip is up to your host. Luckily, when it comes to charter fishing, it would be hard to find a captain that doesn’t deliver local knowledge with a great personality. Charter captains are more than just people who tell you how to fish, they also share their wisdom and stories that reflect the community they work in.

Professional Guidance

For those who are not very knowledgeable on how to fish, charter fishing is a great way to engage in a group lesson that makes for an environment where you can easily learn. On charter boats, there are usually more than one beginner, which can help create camaraderie among your fellow students.

Aaron Ardaiz loves going charter fishing and having some fun out in the deep sea.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - Getting Ready for the NFL Playoffs

As someone who loves to watch the National Football League, Aaron Ardaiz cannot wait for the 2016 playoffs to get under way. With so many interesting happenings taking place this season, it truly could be anyone’s Super Bowl year. Below are the latest updates on the teams who are currently leading the pack.

Aaron Ardaiz Carolina Panthers

Still with an undefeated record in Week 15, the Carolina Panthers continue to be a huge threat to any opponent. Cam Newton and crew have had a fantastic season so far, and have shown no signs of slowing down.

New England Patriots

In the past few decades, the New England Patriots have become a regular Super Bowl contender. And while they had another strong start to this season, injuries have plagued both their running backs and wide receivers, which has left many to question how long Tom Brady and crew will stick it out.

Arizona Cardinals

With a 12-2 record, Aaron Ardaiz’s home team has already solidified themselves as the division leader. But how will Carson Palmer and company fare in the playoffs? With the hot streak they are on, many in Arizona are optimistic that their team will go all the way this year.
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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Friday, 1 January 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - How to Set Your Snowboard Bindings

Aaron Ardaiz has been into snowboarding ever since a young age. He has bought new boards over the years, and has learned how to properly set his own bindings. Bindings are the fixtures that keep your boots strapped to your board, so known how to properly install them is crucial to your stance and how much enjoyment you get while out on the mountain. Below are some steps on what to do when setting your snowboard bindings.
Aaron Ardaiz
Aaron Ardaiz
Figure Out Your Stance

We’ve all heard the question before: “Are you goofy or regular?” This means when you ride down the mountain, do you lead with your left foot, or your right foot? Your left foot would indicate a regular stance, while your right foot would be a goofy stance. Despite the name, a goofy stance is not uncommon.

Take Note of Your Spread

When you spread your feet and get into a snowboarding stance, how far are your feet separated? At what angles do your toes point? These are important issues because they relate to how you will be setting your bindings. Remember, you want to have the most comfortable setting possible so you enjoy yourself more.

Aaron Ardaiz always sets his own bindings when getting a new snowboard.