Friday, 1 January 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - How to Set Your Snowboard Bindings

Aaron Ardaiz has been into snowboarding ever since a young age. He has bought new boards over the years, and has learned how to properly set his own bindings. Bindings are the fixtures that keep your boots strapped to your board, so known how to properly install them is crucial to your stance and how much enjoyment you get while out on the mountain. Below are some steps on what to do when setting your snowboard bindings.
Aaron Ardaiz
Aaron Ardaiz
Figure Out Your Stance

We’ve all heard the question before: “Are you goofy or regular?” This means when you ride down the mountain, do you lead with your left foot, or your right foot? Your left foot would indicate a regular stance, while your right foot would be a goofy stance. Despite the name, a goofy stance is not uncommon.

Take Note of Your Spread

When you spread your feet and get into a snowboarding stance, how far are your feet separated? At what angles do your toes point? These are important issues because they relate to how you will be setting your bindings. Remember, you want to have the most comfortable setting possible so you enjoy yourself more.

Aaron Ardaiz always sets his own bindings when getting a new snowboard.