Thursday, 4 February 2016

Aaron Ardaiz - The Advantage of an Education in Welding

Aaron Ardaiz
Aaron Ardaiz went to Lin Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon to earn a degree in Machine Tool Technology, a degree he would use for the rest of his career as a professional welder. Ardaiz used the training and the hands-on approach at community college to develop his skills so that he could earn his certification in pipe welding and command an advantageous salary at whatever position he ended up in later in his career. Ardaiz worked for the National Welding Corporation for six years, working on many different pipe welding projects throughout the United States. His career in professional welding is a promising one.

Aaron Ardaiz wanted to get a formal education in welding at a community college because he wanted to take advantage of the many benefits of being in an educational community. While there are many ways you can become a welder in the United States, from completing an apprenticeship to receiving intense on-the-job training, Aaron Ardaiz wanted to be able to get in touch with prospective employers so that after he completed his intensive training as a student in Machine Tool Technology, he could jump into employment straight out of school. The connection to real employers who put many new welding students to work immediately is one of the most popular and useful draws to attending community college to learn how to weld.

Aaron Ardaiz now works for All Things Metal in Peoria, Arizona. His start with the prestigious National Welding Corporation wasn’t possible without the connections he made at Linn Benton Community College.